A Sprinkler Riser That Refuses to Break!

Sprinkler risers break so easily. They are such easy targets for vandals, lawn care equipment and vehicles. As an irrigation contractor, I tried everything, 12-inch pop-ups were broken by vandals, standard PVC risers on swing joints got knocked over, broken and driven over. Wasted water, washed out landscapes, and headaches from broken risers seemed to be unavoidable.

I decided to come up with a solution. A riser that is virtually indestructible. Ridged enough to sand up without any supports but flexible enough to pass every test we threw at it. The SamsonRiser™ does that! We even ran over it with a HUGE dump truck and snowmobile!

Christopher W. Okkerse
SamsonRiser Creator

Convenient & Dependable Backflow Testing Tools

Leave behind those expensive and delicate pressure-differential gauges and make Backflow testing quick and easy with our professional Backflow Test Sight Tube!

Designed according to AWWA certified test procedures for most backflow assembly types, our clear Sight Tube is lightweight, tough, and safe against sand and sediment in water.

Sidewalk Boring Made Fast and Simple

Boring a hole under a sidewalk is made easy with our sidewalk boring tool. It is easy to transport, easy to assemble and easy to use. It even works in sandy soil!

We sell kits for professional contractors and D.I.Y. homeowners too. Use it with your sledgehammer of choice.

Finally, A Sprinkler Riser That Isn’t Ugly

Finally, an affordable and durable option that isn’t ugly. No need to support this riser with a stake and plastic zip ties! It’s sturdy, flexible and can replace the more costly 12” pop-ups.

With our SamsonRiser™ Elite clear riser there is no longer a need to camouflage or disguise your sprinkler risers. Get the world’s best looking, most inconspicuous stationary riser.