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How to install SamsonRiser Stationary Risers

1. Taping

One or two layers of teflon tape (thread seal tape) are needed for proper threading into fitting.

2. Measuring

To maximise protection of threads from vehicle impact damage or fittings from weeding shovels, recommended installation depth is 1 foot.

3. Tightening

Wrench tight into the fitting to reduce the risk of theft.

attach sprinkler head

4. Nozzle Install

Run water to clear any debris from riser. Then install shrub adapter (use teflon/thread seal tape), screen and nozzle.

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions

Will SamsonRiser™ fade, oxidize or yellow in the sun?

All SamsonRiser™ are UV stabilized to outperform any other risers made. This gives them many, many years of great looking appearance. We have not received one appearance complaint in the 12 plus years they have been in use.

Do you offer warranty?

All SamsonRiser products come with a 5 year unconditional warranty. If any of our products break or anything goes wrong for any reason within five (5) years we will replace them at no charge. Proof of purchase required. Contact us for more details.

What is a shrub adapter?

A shrub adapter is needed to install a spray nozzle on the riser. We recommend Hunter® brand shrub adapters.

What shrub adapter do you recommend?

Most brands of shrub adapters will work but we found the Hunter brand the easiest to install. When you purchase your SamsonRiser™, there is an option to have a shrub adapter and nozzle pre-installed, saving you the hassle.

Can the SamsonRiser™ be glued to PVC slip fittings?

Yes. Cut off threaded area with hack saw and glue with any brand of PVC cement.

Do the risers need metal support rods?

No. The SamsonRiser™ is built sturdy and is virtually indestructible. Check out our testing videos here to see how sturdy they are.

I am from the USA, does that mean I have to pay duty?

The US Government doesn’t charge duty on orders under $200.

How many risers are in a case?

There are 38 risers per case.

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